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3-Day Thought Detox

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Looking for a way to manifest the life you know you came here to live? This course teaches you how to spiritually detox negative thoughts that hold you back from becoming the best version of yourself. In this 3-day journey, we will ease into higher vibrational thoughts to reap the benefits of aligning with spiritual wisdom. Each day will focus on an aspect of the spiritual journey to detox negative thoughts from body, mind and soul. This empowers you to build "spiritual muscle" gradually in a way that is sustainable for the transformation you desire. In this program, you will go through a 3-day vow that you make to yourself to learn how to choose higher vibrational thoughts over negative ones. This is important because negative thoughts weaken your ability to manifest your desires and live a life you truly love. We will walk through the support you need to release those negative thoughts and continually come back to the spiritual home within. You will also learn the difference between spiritually bypassing versus spiritually growing with the unconditional love of the universe. Learning this distinction empowers your daily spiritual practice so you can manifest the life you desire. If you feel this program calling your heart, I invite you to join us! So much love, Rena xo

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